Rhyan's Mess - Upscale Consignment Boutique

Our Rules
Yes, we have rules.  We have put these "rules" in place to make your consigning experience as easy as possible.  So here goes:
  • We will accept only name brand high quality fashions that are less than 3 years old.
  • All items must be freshly washed and free of smoke, pet hair, pilling and stains.  We will not accept anything less simply because it is not attractive to buyers.
  • Shoes must be cleaned on the bottom before bringing in.  I'm sorry but we will not take running shoes, except Puma's.
  • All drop offs must not exceed 40 items per appointment, or 20 items on walk-in days.
  • You may bring your consignable items in a laundry hamper or in a bin, no garbage bags.

  • The consignment period consists of approximately a 60-90 day selling term.
  • You will receive 40% of the final selling price including sales.  You must call and request a cheque ahead of time, the last two weeks of the month.
  • You may use a store credit at any time it is available.
  • If you wish to pick up unsold articles you can call by the 25th of the month at the end of your consignment period.  No phone call means we will donate the items to a local charity of our choice, but not to be resold (ie. Value Village)
  • You will then have until the end of the month to retrieve your items.  If they are not picked up by then we will donate them.
  • We price items based on demand, brand, condition, rarity and other factors.  As a rule of thumb we price 60-70% off of retail.  For example:  $200 jeans would be priced at around $50-$60 if the condition is excellent. 
  • If you have a very unique or expensive item please let us know what you paid for it and let's discuss a price so there are no surprises.
  • All designer hand bags must have documentation for us to sell the items.  If you do not have anything, we use the authenticity services of Carol Diva which is to be paid by the consignor before the items are to be put out for sale, no exception.
Any other questions please give us a call we are here to help.