Accepting Now

Please visit us during one of our curb side drop off days.  Call us when you arrive in the parking lot.  (519) 997-0568

In order to maintain social distancing and avoid the spread of COVID 19, we will NOT be accepting walk-ins in the store until further notice.  ALL consignors must use our curb side drop offs days and we will accept your consignment items via curb side only.

We have customers looking for:

*Designer sunglasses
*Tory Burch
*Louis Vuitton
*Designer wallets

Seasonal Schedule:

Understanding the seasonal schedule is simple once explained. Our consignment period is 3 months, which is why we accept ahead of the current season. For example, Spring items accepted in March will remain on the racks until the end of May.

Here are some general guidelines:

Spring: January & February (Lighter jeans and pants, light coats and blazers, light blouses, closed toe shoes, scarves, light weight long sleeves and thin sweaters, softer coloured purses and accessories).

**Transitional: March (We will take both Spring and Summer)

Summer: April, May & June (Shorts, capris, sun dresses, skirts, tank tops, sandals, light coloured purses, sunglasses)

Fall: July & August (Lined coats, light weight long sleeves, light weight sweaters, darker coloured jeans, shoes and purses, boots)

**Transitional: September (We will take both Fall and Winter)

Winter: October, November & December (Winter/ peacoats, long sleeves, sweater, dark coloured purses and accessories)


Currently accepting winter receiving until DEC. 18th to Jan. 22nd, fall receiving is finished.

**ALL drop offs will be curbside ONLY and by appointment.** (519) 997-0568. Please call us when you arrive in the parking lot for your scheduled appointment time.

What we take: 

  • Jeans, pants, shoes, tall boots, ankle boots, snow boots, blouses, scarves and winter accessories, dresses, winter jackets, sweaters, purses, wallets, jewelry, sunglasses, all athletics that can be worn inside.

Brands or items we do not take:

  • Please visit the “what we take" section for a detailed list.

We are NOT taking the following items:

*Full length formal wear
*Suit sets

*Any type of under garments, running shoes, night wear.


  • Please visit “what we take" for a complete brands list.
  • All men’s attire will be sold through our online portal only (not in store).
  • Accepting men’s by season, brand, condition and less than 3 years old.
  • Including but not limited to: dress shirts, denim, jackets, ties, scarves, messenger/work bags, casual shirts, belts, shoes in like new condition, sunglasses, watches.
OPENING INFORMATIONCommencing June 11th, 2021

We are so very excited to finally welcome you all for in-store shopping!  We will allow 3 people to shop in the store at one time, please we ask you to be mindful of other shoppers waiting to enter the store and utilize your time efficiently (please use our curbside services if you are NOT shopping).  We will continue to take drop-offs curbside and by appointment.  

We truly hope this is the last time we will see any lockdowns and remain hopeful we can stay open and continue to run normally.  All government guidelines will be followed and new information will be updated as needed.

Below is a list of what this means for us at Rhyan's Mess:

**Please read below for IMPORTANT information, this will answer all of your questions**

We will continue to serve your retail therapy needs online at with new arrivals added daily.
Curbside services include: online order pick ups, cheque and item pick ups, consignment drop offs & layaway pick ups.  If you are not shopping please use our curbside services.  

Consignment info:

There will be NO change to your consignment terms due to the fact that items are seasonal and we need to try our very best to keep on schedule with how things “normally” run. 
The request form is found on our website: and go to CONTACT
**We ask that you please show up for your consignment drop off, we are here for you so if you cannot make your appointment please call or message to let us know.

We truly appreciate all of you and thank you for your support during these restrictive times!  Please stay safe and stay well.

With love,

Mack & staff