Accepting Now

All drop offs are by appointment only.

We have customers looking for:

*Designer sunglasses
*Tory Burch
*Louis Vuitton
*Designer wallets

Seasonal Schedule:

Understanding the seasonal schedule is simple once explained. Our consignment period is 3 months, which is why we accept ahead of the current season. For example, Spring items accepted in March will remain on the racks until the end of May.

Here are some general guidelines:

Spring: January & February (Lighter jeans and pants, light coats and blazers, light blouses, closed toe shoes, scarves, light weight long sleeves and thin sweaters, softer coloured purses and accessories).

**Transitional: March (We will take both Spring and Summer)

Summer: April, May, June, July (Shorts, capris, sun dresses, skirts, tank tops, sandals, light coloured purses, sunglasses)

Fall: July, August, Sept (Lined coats, light weight long sleeves, light weight sweaters, darker coloured jeans, shoes and purses, boots)

**Transitional: Oct. (We will take both Fall and Winter)

Winter: October, November & December (Winter/ peacoats, long sleeves, sweater, dark coloured purses and accessories)


We are now accepting SPRING until March 16th. Summer begins March 20th.

**ALL drop offs will be by appointment ONLY.**

*** 20 item LIMIT ***

Please book your appointment online.

Brands or items we do not take:

  • Please visit the “what we take" section for a detailed list.

We are NOT taking the following items:

*Full length formal wear, suit sets, high heels, any type of under garments, running shoes, night wear.